MiauBot Zero Odor Box

  • Dual power supply: Choice of battery operation (wireless) or USB charging cable
  • With motion sensor : The water only bubbles when movement is detected nearby
  • Premium Filter: Made of cotton and activated carbon for clean water
  • Capacity: 2L, suitable for households with multiple dogs or cats
  • Quiet Pump: Less than 35db, will stop automatically at lower water level



Wireless cat drinking fountain with motion detector (IR sensor)


Finally a cat drinking fountain without cables

Do you sometimes get annoyed that you can’t put the cat fountain in the perfect place because there is no socket nearby? Or the cable clutter in the household is always terrible? – With our newest wireless drinking fountain, you can finally put it anywhere you want: in the office, next to the couch or outside on the terrace and balcony. Without having to worry about cables or extension cords.

When the fountain is running on batteries only, the lightning bolt icon (first left of the display face) will glow red as a reminder that the batteries are running low. Of course you can also operate the drinking fountain via cable. A suitable USB charging cable is included in the delivery, which fits almost all standard USB power plugs.

Tips: We recommend the matching Basic automatic feeder 3 L or 6 L for this wireless cat drinking fountain . These two machines have a very low power consumption and work with battery operation (also wireless) for several months. It is ideal for households with animals who like to play with cables.

Motion detection by infrared sensor

Our fountain has two modes: continuous operation (normal mode) and smart operation (auto mode). With continuous operation, the fountain is always on, circulating water is constantly flowing. With smart operation, water only bubbles up when movements are detected in the detection area. The detection angle is about 120° and the detection distance is about 3 meters. If no movement is detected for 10 seconds, the pump will stop working automatically.

Smart operation has the great advantage that it is very energy-efficient. With smart mode on, the batteries will last up to a month depending on usage. At the same time, the life of the pump is extended and thus the life of the drinking fountain.

Supports adequate fluid intake

Drinking enough is important for animals in many ways. A drinking fountain for dogs and cats always offers a flowing water source that encourages your darlings to drink more. For example, a disease of the urinary tract can be prevented. This is why drinking fountains are often recommended by veterinarians because they can have a positive effect on how much cats drink.

Our wireless cat drinking fountain has a capacity of 2 L and is therefore sufficient for households with several dogs and cats. Because cats tend to be occasional drinkers, Smart Mode will make them more interested in drinking.

The top drinking bowl of the drinking fountain is made of 100% rustproof and durable stainless steel (food safe). It is designed so that even in the event of a power failure, the animals can still drink a little water from it and thus not die of thirst.

Dual filter system

This model of cordless cat water fountain comes with two filters, a pre-filter and a charcoal filter. The pre-filter is located in the pump and ensures that coarse dirt, e.g. B. Hair does not get into the pump. The activated carbon filter is placed between the water tank lid and the drinking bowl and can reduce bad odors and bacteria.
To ensure the water quality and the longest possible service life of the pump, we recommend cleaning the pre-filter weekly and replacing the activated carbon filter every 3-4 weeks.

Low noise pump with LED light

The low-noise pump keeps the water in constant motion, which increases the concentration of oxygen. So your darling always has fresh water available. Another advantage of our smart drinking fountains is that the pump has an auto shut-off function. More precisely, when the water level falls below a certain limit, the pump will automatically stop working further. This protects the water pump motor from dry operation.
The pump is also equipped with an LED lamp. You can see through the viewing window on the water tank if it lights up red, the water level is too low and you have to refill or change the water. In normal operation, the lamp lights up blue.

scope of delivery

1x smart cat drinking fountain, wireless ,
1x USB cable
, 1x activated carbon filter (you can find more replacement filters as a value pack here )
4x AA batteries

Note: In order to avoid unnecessarily placing electronic parts on the market, the pump is supplied without a mains adapter. The pump fits all standard USB power plugs that you get when you buy cell phones or other electronic products.

Technical details

Surname Cat drinking fountain wireless
model no. T03X0
main material ABS and stainless steel
capacity 2 L
Dimension (L x W x H) 205x205x115mm
weight 1240g
power supply USB charging cable or 4x AAA batteries
perfomance 1w


  1. How often should water be changed in the wireless cat fountain?

Personally, we recommend cleaning the cat fountain thoroughly and replacing the water at least once a week. The more often the better. Occasional checking of the water level and possible refilling is also useful.

  1. Why is the cat fountain louder than usual?

Please check the water level first. If the pump isn’t completely submerged, it will get louder and louder as the water level goes down. Dirt in the pump can also cause loud noises.


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